Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Celadon 50

Hello all,

Today I have a swatch of one of the two nail polishes from the Summer Collection Blues Lumieres by Yves Saint Laurent. The shade is #50 – Bleu Celadon. It is a light blue, inclining more towards greyish undertone, and it is not so much the typical “baby” blue. It look more like a dried blue color, not bold, but hidden with elegant touch of grey. At first when I saw the first swatches of it in some blogs I thought- oh, no, another boring light blue. But then I reconsidered it, and decided to buy it, after all a girl can never have too many nail polishes, plus I am usually a sucker for pink, blue and green!

Anyways, the application was amazing, it went smooth like a butter, and with the wide, kinda “ergonomic” brush, the chance of spilling out of the nail bed while applying the nail polish is limited almost to zero. It dries very fast, it is a 2 coater, but on the swatches you see 3 coats, as this is the amount I usually apply. ImageImageImage

After I put the Bleu Celadon on my nails, I decided to go through my stash and see if I have anything similar to it. And what a surprise- I didn’t have anything! The closest in the bottle looks like to be Barry M Blue Moon, but it has a blue shimmer. Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau 878 is visibly a lighter shade of blue, almost chalkboard blue. Sation Jock Juggler is darker, with dark blue shimmer, same goes for Chanel Coco Blue.


My verdict- a beautiful subtle light blue color, perfect for the summer, and for the nail polish maniacs and collectors. I do not regret buying it!


OPI Neons 2014 – Hotter Than You Pink

Hello guys,

today I have a nail polish from the new OPI Neons 2014 Collection- Hotter Than You Pink.

It is semi-bright pink with a subtle purple shimmer. Even though the polish is described as neon I do not think it is a typical bright eye-popping neon color. It is more on the subtle side. The application wasn’t bad, even though the nail polish is kinda watery and sheer. It dries matte, and in the swatches you see 3 coats applied, without white base underneath. Usually I do not have any problems with the longevity of the nail polishes, and this one was not an exception. To be honest, it is not a unique color, and if you really need it- get it, otherwise it is easily passed.


Dance Legend for Anna Gorelova Lebedushka, Picture Polish Jade & Essie Beyond Cozy


This is my first blog post.

Today I have few nail polishes for review. They are Dance Legend for Anna Gorelova Lebedushka, Picture Polish Jade , and Essie Beyond Cozy. The first nail polish – Dance Legend for Anna Gorelova Lebedushka, is a textured / or sand/ very pale blue with golden shimmer from the Russian brand Dance Legend in collaboration with the Russian blogger Anna Gorelova. The application was ok, but it needs 3 to 4 coats to avoid the VNL. The second nail polish – Picture Polish Jade- is a jade green with subtle shimmer nail polish from the Australian brand Picture Polish. The application was a dream come true, 2 coats and it was all perfect. The third brand in this swatch is Essie, with their nail polish Beyond Cozy, from Essie’s Winter 2012 Collection, and it is a mixture of silver and gold glitters, 2 coats will cover well, but here for the pics I put 3 coats. Usually I don’t have problems with the wear and longevity of the nail polishes, and these 3 were not an exception.