Sand Ombre Manicure with Kiko Cupcake, Perfect Sand & Nicole by OPI Roughles

Hello all,

Today I have for you one yellow -green -blue ombre manicure, made entirely with the so-called sand polishes. I used 3 brands – a Bulgarian one- Perfect. Italian one- Kiko, and Nicole by OPI. The polishes are as follows, from right to left:  Kiko Cupcake 656, Perfect Sand S84, Kiko Cupcake 655, Nicole by OPI On What Grounds?, and Perfect Sand S83.

I should say that the Perfect nail polishes from the sand collection made quite a furor last year, when they were first released on the market. The colors were bold, some of them quite unique I think, with good application and wearability. This year is not an exception in all but the color uniqueness, Perfect unfortunately / or maybe fortunately for some who didn’t manage to get their hands on the Kiko Cupcake collection/ copied quite a lot. Nevertheless they did a good job, because the copying is not 100%, and the price tag will make me buy all of the nail polishes they released so far- six. I bought 4 of them, and in today’s swatch you are able to see two.

Nicole by OPI On What Grounds? is from the Roughles collection the brand released this year. It is bold, and with very good application sea foam green-blue color with dark blue and red particles. I thought from the swatches I saw previously on the internet that the Kiko Cupcake 655 is quite close if not a dupe, but I was wrong :) The Kiko 655 is more light green without the blue undertone, more like mint green with again dark blue and red sand particles.




All of the polishes are on 2 coats, with a base coat underneath. For 3 days now there is no single chip, and I pretty much enjoy looking at my nails.

My verdict -if you are able to get your hands on the Perfect Sand nail polishes- do it, they are with good price, and a nice kind of dupe to the Kiko Cupcake and Nicole by OPI Roughles!