Different Dimension Tulips Are Better Than One

Hello all,

Today I have a review of one very beautiful and unique nail polish- Tulips Are Better Than One by Different Dimension. It is from the brand’s Spring 2014 Collection. The color is unique, I haven’t seen anything quite like it before- chameleon, it is purple, it is blue, it is lilac, it is whatever gorgeousness you decide under different light! It twinkles, it sparks- ahhh, just pure beauty, and almost impossible to photograph.



The swatches are with 3 coats, and a topcoat, and on the ring finger I put one layer of Doctor Lacquer Polygon Flash. It wore well for 5 days, until I changed the nail polish, and there were no chips or stain after removing it.

IMG_1998 IMG_1997  IMG_1994

My verdict- Different Dimension Tulips Are Better Than One is a MUST HAVE!

Pahlish Tashbaan & Sunless Sea


Today’s swatch consists of two gorgeous nail polishes by PahlishTashbaan and Sunless Sea. They are from the Wood Between the Worlds Collection, that was released few months ago.

Pahlish Tashbaan is a light baby pink cream/crelly, with grey and dark pink micro flakes shimmer. The formula was very good, the polish was a little watery on the first coat, but the second one leveled and built it nicely to fine final finish. The swatch is with 2 coats of nail polish plus 1 coat of Poshe.

IMG_1484 IMG_1531

Pahlish Sunless Sea is a very light green crelly with gold and bronze micro flakes. It is amazeness in a bottle!!! Application- perfect! 2 coats of nail polish and 1 coat of Poshe, and voila – beauty! Didn’t have any issues with wearing both, no chips, lasted until I changed my nail polish :)

IMG_1481 IMG_1482 IMG_1489

My verdict- I am so glad I got my hands on that beauties!