OPI Push and Pur-Pull & Doctor Lacquer Pythagorean Fiesta



Today I have for you a new mani to show. It is made with OPI Push and Pur-Pull & Doctor Lacquer Pythagorean Fiesta .


OPI Push and Pur-Pull is a lilac , purple jelly from the brand’s Neon 2014 collection. The polish dies kinda matte, and the application- it is a nightmare. The polish does not seem to level and there were visible bald patches or see-through parts even after 4 – yes, four!!! coats. It spreads towards the cuticles, like an oil pouring out of a bottle… To be honest it kind of does not scream neon, it is just purple.

IMG_2296 IMG_2295

Because I wasn’t happy with how it looked after all the four coats, I decided to make things better, so I applied a very unusual top – Doctor Lacquer Pythagorean Fiesta .

IMG_2095 IMG_2094

Doctor Lacquer Pythagorean Fiesta is a top nail polish consisting of different colored triangles – yellow, pink, red and blue. I appled 2 coats of HK Girl fast-drying top to even a little the edges of the triangle glitter.


Honestly, I like how the manicure turned out at the end – playful, joyful, and not so common :)


SoFlaJo Evergreen & Chanel Intention #633


Good afternoon ladies,

Today I have a wonderful green nail polish – SoFlaJo Evergreen , combined with a nude/ beige one – Chanel Intention #633..

SoFlaJo Evergreen is from the  indie’s brand SoFlaJo Christmas 2013 collection. The color is unique green, green as in christmas tree, grass green, with unique/ yes ,I know, I said it already/ blue shimmer, that adds real depth and uniqueness /!!!/  to the polish. It is described by SoflaJo as ”

A little bit of greenery for your holiday nails. Evergreen is a creamy dark green with the subtlest of blue shimmer that will not necessarily show up on the nail although it’s visible in the bottle as it contributes to the color”
IMG_2420 IMG_2423
This is 2 coats on the pics, and I was completely in love!
IMG_2419 IMG_2418
To spice it up a little I added a nude/beige nail polish, and covered it with some dots. The nude polish is Chanel Intention #633, and it is a more warm beige, leaning to camel, ot very light brown, with golden shimmer, visible in the bottle, and on the nail not so much but still there. Surprisingly it took only 2 coats to cover, as usually the nude nail polishes tend to leave some patches and not cover so well when applied on two light coats.And I put one layer of top coat for an extra shine :)
My verdict- SoFlaJo Evergreen is a MUST HAVE!!!
And it is stated on their website that there are only 30 /!/ bottles made. So hurry up, 2 are still in stock 😉