Picture Polish Merge – a grey/brown scatter holo gorgeousness

pp merge 6

Picture Polish Merge– Hello, gorgeousness, welcome home!

PP Merge1

So I got my hands on the stunning Picture Polish Merge– described asa grey/brown scatter holo and dries smooth on the nail (contains no glitter). Merge was created in 2016 and falls within Opulence Shades Picture Polish.


What can I say about that beauty in a bottle? Opaque in 2 coats, application perfect, 1 coat top, and then some stamping using the Picture Polish Jumbo Clear Stamper. Wore well for about a week till I changed the nail polish.

IMG_2051 IMG_2052


P.S. Picture Polish Merge and the stamper can be found online by different stockists of the brand, like http://color4nails.com/http://nailthemail.com/, https://thenailistashop.com, http://rainbow-connection.co.uk .

Picture Polish Spring – review and pineapple nail art

Picture Polish Spring3

So the spring has come,and gone, and now is the summer. So here it is a manicure I did with Picture Polish Spring.

Picture Polish Spring1

Picture Polish Spring is a light lilac/ or dusty pink/ with scatter holo flakes. It was released this year -2016, with 4 other shades: Posey, Merge, Gala and Bluebird.  The pictures are with 3 coats that wore well and no chipping or problems until I changed the nail polish.

Picture Polish Spring3   I also did some reverse stamping with the pineapples, and added the Aloha- I think it calls for summer, not spring :) Picture Polish Spring2