Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Galuchat #52 & Contrary Polish Anna Maria

Hello lovelies,

After a long break I am back again. And today I have two gorgeous and dark nail polishes, which also are beginning to be in line with the weather outside- autumn is here. The polishes are Yves Saint Laurent Bleu Galuchat #52, and Contrary Polish Anna Maria.


The first one –Bleu Galuchat, is from the new Fall 2014 Cuirs Fetiches Collection. It is with a textured finish, very dark blue leaning towards very dark, indigo dark green. I would actually even describe it as very dark indigo green. In the bottle there is some shimmer, which unfortunately is pretty invisible on the nail and maybe those particles actually dry to form the sand-like finish. Nevertheless, the polish has amazing coverage, 1 coater, but for the swatches I applied 2. The dry time is insanely fast, and the wear test showed no chips after 4 days without top coat of course.

IMG_1511 IMG_1517 IMG_1514

After I applied it I thought it looked familiar as a color, so I went through my stash, and voila- Contrary Polish Anna Maria! The same color, but a a normal texture. So Anna Maria is a nail polish from the indie brand Contrary Polish, and it was released i think in the end of 2012. It is a dark green little teal blue-ish with gold shimmer shade. The shimmer is visible on the nail, and it requires only 2 coats, as the formula was very good and applied nicely. Wear test showed again very good results, no chips after 4 days, with 1 coat of top.

IMG_1521 IMG_1520 IMG_1519

So my verdict- both are must haves! The YSL Bleu Galuchat is perfect for the autumn and winter months , and is in the trend of the textured polishes. And it turned out that Contrary’s Anna Maria is its almost twin, but not with textured finish 😉

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