ORLY Ablaze & ORLY Hot Tropics

Hello all,

Today I have 2 gorgeous neon shimmery beauties- ORLY Ablaze & Hot Tropics.

They are from the brand’s Baked Collection for Summer 2014.

ORLY Ablaze is a hot neon orange with golden shimmer , visible not only in the bottle but on the nails as well. It shines like a traffic light!IMG_2426

IMG_2430 IMG_2427 IMG_2426

ORLY Hot Tropics is a fuchsia shimmer awesomeness. The shimmer is again on the golden side, quite visible and it gives volume to the nail polish.

IMG_2424IMG_2425 IMG_3656 IMG_3657There was no chipping after 5 days of wearing with 1 layer of top coat.

Awesome colors that are quite eye- catching and must-have shimmer neons for any nail polish addict!

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